Replica Hublot Black Caviar Full Ceramic Watch from H Factory

  • In the past, I rarely reviewed replica Hublot watches, especially luxurious ones like this one. I always considered Hublot to be a sports brand, and I believed that carbon fiber was the most suitable case material for its watches, rather than ceramic. However, this brand, which is often seen on the football field, actually produces fusion watches that combine different watchmaking materials. This particular model, the Black Caviar, also embodies Hublot’s design essence, as it combines ceramic, rubber, and titanium. The replica I am reviewing here is an exceptional timepiece from H factory. It is currently the best Hublot Black Caviar replica available, as there are no other versions on the market. Only H factory produces this replica.
  • The entire case of this replica watch is crafted from black ceramic and measures 42mm in diameter.True to its name,the Black Caviar replica features a predominantly black color scheme, with the exception of 14 titanium screws on the case. Due to the solid ceramic construction, the watch feels substantial in weight. The case and bezel exhibit a high-gloss finish, and the crown, which is also made of ceramic, is protected by a rubber cladding. The classic Hublot logo adorns the crown, featuring a sandblasted finish. While I personally am not a fan of this watch due to its high price and non-sporty appearance, it does boast an innovative feature: a genuine ceramic dial. Prior to this replica watches, no other replicas utilized a ceramic dial. The central hour and minute hands are hollowed out, while the tip of the second hand bears the iconic design seen in other replica Hublot watches. The white date font stands out clearly against the black background.I would not recommend wearing this ceramic watch in situations where it may be subject to impacts, as ceramic is prone to breakage upon impact with hard objects.Therefore, it is best suited for formal occasions,paired with a suit.
  • A see-through case back reveals a genuine Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement, which is one of the reasons for the watch’s high price. The automatic rotor is skeletonized and features accurate engravings of “HUBLOT GENEVE.” The index regulator is functional, allowing you to adjust any inaccuracies using the “+” and “-” symbols. Fortunately, the replica watch runs exceptionally well and exhibits remarkable accuracy. As seen in the testing results below, it loses only 4 seconds per day, which is a normal deviation for an authentic ETA movement.

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