TM Factory Replica Hublot Sang Bleu Tattoo Watch Review

Today, I have an extraordinary replica watch to share with you, and it hails from the esteemed brand Hublot. This particular timepiece holds a special significance as it was designed collaboratively by Hublot and the renowned Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Buchi. Consequently, it is often referred to as the Hublot Tattoo watch. The replica version, crafted by TM factory, faithfully captures the essence of the original design. The dial, inspired by tattoos, initially may seem unconventional and challenging to decipher for timekeeping purposes. However, upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the dial is both intriguing and intelligible, allowing for easy time reading. TM factory has unveiled three models of the replica Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu, each showcasing a distinct style: stainless steel, rose gold, and PVD black. I will now present to you the exquisite rose gold variation of this remarkable timepiece.

The most remarkable aspect of this replica watch lies in its uniquely designed dial, which draws inspiration from tattoos and exudes a distinct, futuristic aesthetic. Rather than traditional hour, minute, and second hands, the time is displayed using octagonal-shaped disks that resemble the motifs found in Maxime Buchi’s tattoos. The largest outer disk indicates the hours, while the subsequent disk signifies the minutes. The seconds readout is more subtle, featuring a black disk at the center adorned with the iconic Hublot “H” logo. To enhance readability, each disk displaying the hours and minutes is equipped with a white luminescent triangular tip, ensuring ease of time reading.

The case of this replica watch is meticulously crafted from 316L stainless steel and features a generous coating of rose gold, adding to its luxurious appeal. Measuring 44mm in diameter and 14mm in thickness, the case exhibits intricate engravings that resemble the tattoos found on Maxime Buchi’s body, adding to its artistic allure. The bezel, also in rose gold, is secured by six steel H-shaped screws and showcases a hexagonal shape that harmonizes with the moving disks on the black dial. The case back rim is composed of stainless steel, while the central crystal is crafted from sapphire, affording a captivating view of the exquisite movement within. Speaking of the movement, this watch relies on a Japanese Miyota automatic movement, boasting 27 jewels. Notably, the skilled watch masters at TM factory dedicated considerable time to carve a hexagon-shaped rotor with a prominent central triangle, covering the entire movement. This distinctive feature sets it apart as a significant advancement made by TM in the replica watch industry.

The strap of this replica watch is known as a “leather clad rubber” strap, a name that likely stems from its unique combination of both rubber and leather materials. The strap also showcases tattoo-inspired patterns, further adding to its distinctive aesthetic. It is secured by a rose gold buckle, featuring blackened engraving of the brand name “HUBLOT”. Currently, the Hublot Sang Bleu Tattoo replica watch is readily available with a large stock. If you have an interest in any of the three models mentioned, please feel free to inform me. Thank you for your attention.

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