ZF Big Bang Sang Bleu Ceramic

The replica Big Bang Sang Bleu has gained immense popularity among watch enthusiasts in the past couple of years. Several watch manufacturers, including HBF and WWF, have produced replicas of this Hublot timepiece. ZF, being the third watch factory to venture into replicating the Sang Bleu, has focused on creating two ceramic models: black and white. These models come with a higher price tag. Interestingly, the second generation of the Sang Bleu has surpassed the popularity of its predecessor.The Sang Bleu is renowned for its distinctive design in both the case and dial. Recently, ZF, known for their previous replica of the Hublot Unico, released their version of the Sang Bleu, showcasing their ambition as a watch manufacturer. It is possible that ZF aims to replicate all the Hublot Big Bang models previously manufactured by the V6 factory. If this comes to fruition, it will undoubtedly be welcomed as fantastic news for watch enthusiasts.

The ZF version of the Big Bang Sang Bleu features a genuine ceramic material for both the case and bezel. It is available in two color options: black and white. The case measures 45mm in diameter and has a thickness of 14mm. Unlike the traditional design of the regular Hublot Big Bang, the Sang Bleu’s case has embraced a more angular aesthetic, resembling a castle-like structure. Both the black and white models showcase silver-toned H-shaped screws. The crown of the watch features an intriguing logo, deviating from the standard Hublot logo. From the side view, the case maintains a sandwiched structure, similar to other Big Bang models. The combination of ceramic, stainless steel, and rubber materials exemplifies Hublot’s “fusion” design concept.

The dial design of the replica Big Bang Sang Bleu shares similarities with its case design, creating a cohesive and uniform style. The triangular markers on the dial mirror the ones on the case, enhancing the overall aesthetic consistency of the watch. A notable feature at 9 o’clock is the small seconds display, which adds movement and visual interest. Beneath the sapphire crystal, it’s worth mentioning that the dial is not round; instead, it adopts the hexagonal shape seen on the bezel. The central circle with white markers represents the 12-hour display, while the small dial at 3 o’clock functions as a 60-minute chronograph display. Additionally, there are five areas on the dial that utilize luminous material, ensuring clear visibility in low-light conditions. Positioned at 4:30, there is a round date window. The uniqueness of the dial design is certainly captivating, and it’s understandable why one might develop an affinity for this perfect replica watch.

In comparison to the previous Big Bang Sang Bleu models produced by HRF, HBF, or WWF, the two ceramic versions from ZF exhibit superior finishing and enhanced movement decoration. ZF has certainly lived up to their esteemed reputation as one of the most renowned watch manufacturers in our market. Many individuals opt to purchase from ZF due to their watches’ exceptional quality and the reduced occurrence of post-sales issues.

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